Shopping habits

Tina and Colin Royle- not very green

Tina and Colin Royle do not like vegetables and very rarely buy them.In Basically, they eat pizza and hamburgers and we all know how harmful it is to often eat fast food.

Tim and Kathy Myers- ultra green

Tim and Kathy Myers walk to the local shops with their re-usable shopping bags. They do not use a car. In Basically they eat vegetables that grow themselves in their garden. They have ten hens which give them eggs, and a goat which gives them milk. They haven’t got computer or television at home. They listen to their wind- up radio.

Rodney and Margaret Caldwell- very bad for the planet

Rodney and Margaret Caldwell fo shopping twice a week in the car. They go on foreign holidays four or five times a year. They always by the best vegetables avaliable: apples from Chile, kiwis from New Zealand and raspberries from Kenya. They have four plasma TV’s, three computers, two washing mashins and two big fridges. They live clothes and drive two hundred miles to London every month to go to the best shops.


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